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Hi everyone ! I’ve left this blog and made a new one! Consists of reblogs of a lot of random stuff, so follow if you want ! 

There’s also my Samurai Champloo blog, and my art blog (still under construction).

Thanks : )

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Dong Hyun Bae: “Boss..Goodbye..I will never forget you..Don’t forget me and RIP… I was so happy for 5 years because of you..Thank you..Sorry for not knowing that you were sick earlier… Sorry for not treating you the best I could…Run and play as you wish up there…I always wanted to go to Han river with you.. I love you boss… I miss you.”
Translated by: BIGBANGGisVIP@twitter.com
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reblog this and i will attempt to draw a humanoid personification of your blog layout! art will look like this-ish


i will do as many as i feel like because these posts always blow up and i am not obligated as an artist to draw 4000 things. so INTERESTING LAYOUTS WILL BE MY TARGET! i will tag your username when i finish and post them!

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